Reunion meeting 1997 at Jiangsu   

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I departed at noon of April 30 to Zhenjiang by train. It is not surprising that almost all our classmates in Shanghai took the same train.

We transferred to a bus to travel to Zhenjiang Teacher's College, and arrived there in late afternoon. I was so excited to meet my classmates after the separation of 35 years! Time changed everything, and I couldn't recognize everyone, particularly those who didn't attend the previous reunion in 1992.

Most of the gentlemen brought their wives but there were a few ladies who attended with their husbands. There were more than 110 people, which included about 60 classmates. The meeting was sponsored with funds raised by Ge Suowang (50,000 RMB).

We stayed in Zhenjiang Teacher's College because the dean of the college graduated in 1961 in Fudan's Math department. Most people could get back their fee from their University or their research grant. Everything was free for the retirees.


At 8:00 a.m. we had our first meeting in the conference room. All hosts and future hosts sat at the front. Ge Suowang gave the first talk about the report and meeting schedule; Yuan Cai said that he will host the next meeting in 1999 in Shanghai before his retirement.

Xu Fusheng, who is the head of Shanghai Archives of Cultural History, will be 60 next year, and retired from Bureau of Press. He still is willing to publish the new address book of our classmates.

Zhang Youhong is a business man , and flies frequently between the US and Asia. He also owns a law office in Los Angeles. Other speakers were Zhen Guolai, Wang Guoqiang, etc.

Finally, Ma Huaizu translated e-mails from overseas, and Li Zixing showed the letter and poem from Dai Shiqiang. Everyone was very pleased to talk to each other until 11am.

In the afternoon, we took the bus to Jiao Shan, Guanlusi Temple and Jin Shan in Zhenjiang. We took a lot of pictures.


In the morning, we took the bus* from Zhenjiang to Yangzhou. Due to heavy fog covering the Yangzi River, we spent three hours getting there. After lunch, we went to Da Ming Temple (the famous monk Jian Zhen was there), and Shou Xi Hu. We never got back to Zhenjiang until after dark. Following that we had a party with entertainment in the restaurant until 9pm.

Do you remember Cheng Daozhuo, the well known dancer in our class, 35 years ago? He sang and danced wonderfully well! I was surprised that Mu Dingyi showed us his 'disco' dance which I never knew. He learned it from his wife. Some of the other dancers were Huang Yucong, Qiu Jiaheng and Yu Guohe.


Some people went to Zhong Shan Ling, the others went to the President's Palace. We had lunch in Nanjing Education College.

We'll send the pictures to all of you. We hope that you are able to attend the next reunion meeting in Shanghai in 1999. Also, we will possibly have another reunion the following year, in Beijing.

*She didn't tell us that was by way of a ferry or a bridge.

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