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Our High School Alumni
Shi Xi, Class of 54 Wei Yu, Class of 57

Coming Events
2010 - Shanghai Expo
2057 - Fudan 100 Years

Health Information for the Whole Family
Professor Hong's speech on "Life Style, Health in Old Age, and Heart Disease" (3.7mb pdf file) (htm file)
American Academy of Family Physicians

More Pictures
Class '62 - Graduation Class '62 - circa 1958 Class '62 - 30th Anniversary Class '62 - at Fudan's 100th
Yao Qi/Lou Shituo in New York Zhong Yixi and Family Picture from Shanghai(2/97) Pictures from Shanghai(11/97)
Humeichen in southeast asia(2000.8) Picture of OLD FUDAN May 97 class reunion picture

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